Interim Project Management

Interim Project Management

As an Interim Project Manager, we can be temporarily active within your organization to manage one or more projects. We manage technical projects to achieve growth in production capacity, a dedicated developed machine or product development. Based on our broad experience in a technical environment, in the Automotive, High Tech, medical & food industry and in the generation and storage of energy.

Vemaron takes a fresh look at the technical challenges within the organization. Targets are achieved together with the employees and external parties. We make the important decisions within the set boundaries, focusing on the overall interest of the organization.

Thanks to years of experience in both the Netherlands and abroad, we have the specific knowledge and skills needed to realize projects. We know the practice and will operate from this experience and will make recommendations.

Our approach

Our approach is characterized by:

  • Solution- and result-oriented working
  • Project phasing
  • Realistic time schedule
  • Attention to quality
  • Acting cost-consciously
  • Risk reduction
  • Clear communication

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