Production Tooling / Machinery Development

Production capacity

Do you want to expand, improve or automate your production capacity? In that case, Vemaron organizes innovative production tooling, equipment and/or production machines. You to be able to produce your existing and/or new product cost efficiently in the desired quantities and quality.


During the process, attention is paid to the technology, the project planning, the cost & quality control, the riskreduction and good communication between the various parties involved in the project.

If you want more output or reduce production time, automation is an option. By using the right technology, that a task takes less time and energy for a person, reducing labor costs. We manage the complete process from the specification to a satisfactory functioning dedicated machine.


We have already managed, developed and realized many projects in which a growth in production capacity has been realized through dedicated machines. Naturally, the quality was guaranteed or even improved.

Examples of this are:

  • Assembly lines for copiers
  • Product Line and Manufacturing Machines for Uranium Enrichment Centrifuge Parts
  • Semi-automatic assembly machines for injection molding products
  • Different robot cells in combination with Haeger inserting machines, for the automatic pressing of inserts in sheet metal.
  • Production machine for a part of hearing aids.

Curious about our working method to automate or expand your production capacity?

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